San Antonio, Texas, 78201 United States

Mission Statement

The mission of the Network for Young Artists (NYA) is to provide music education for children, ages 4 to 20 years old, to develop their talents in the performing arts, and to provide opportunities for them to showcase their talents across the San Antonio metro area.

About This Cause

Network for Young Artists, Inc. (NYA) was founded in 1999, by educator Terry Lowry, to give local youth the opportunity to use music and performing arts to build self-esteem, confidence and leadership skills that are transferable to other social and academic settings. Even though a number of NYA's present and former students have become very talented musicians, the organization's focus is on preparing students for success in all areas of their lives, as opposed to only preparing them for success in music, dance, or performing arts. Research studies confirm the many academic, physical, and emotional benefits associated with music education. Not only does music education make one smarter, but it teaches discipline, patience and teamwork; aids in the development of self confidence and leadership skills; relieves stress. Most importantly, NYA provides cultural performing arts opportunities for low-income students who do not have the means to obtain a "traditional" music education.

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