Fox Equine Rescue & Youth Horsemanship Center

Los Gatos, California, 95033 United States

Mission Statement

Established in 2012, Fox Equine Rescue is a California Registered 501(c)3 Public Charity non-profit horse rescue and rehab facility located in the Los Gatos Mountains, CA. We take in unwanted horses and rehabilitate them to have a purpose in their life. We teach gaining the horses trust and respect through partnership and leadership. Our youth programs revolve around educating the children in proper horsemanship practices, helping them achieve leadership skills, strong work ethics, and lifelong bonds with both their equine partners and their peers.

About This Cause

Our Mission
As a non-profit company, Fox Equine seeks to spread the joy that horses can bring to one’s life and to share this vision with the public. The overall goal is to increase awareness for rescue horses, many of whom are abused, neglected and simply unwanted due to behavioral issues that can develop over time due to improper horsemanship and unjust treatment of the horse. We strive to educate the general public on proper horsemanship and promote this in future generations with our youth programs. We teach a method of natural horse training, where there is no use of force, violence, coercion, or the abuse commonly seen in traditional training methods. We strive for a partnership with our horses, where the horse sees us as a deserving leader, and we get this by communicating with the horse in their natural language, and working with the horse to develop mutual trust and respect. Our goal is to rehabilitate as many rescued horses as we can in this fashion, and teach it to tomorrows generation with our youth programs.


Our Goals:
• To rescue and rehabilitate horses in need, and give them a refreshed purpose in life, either through one of our programs, a foster home, or a forever adoption.
• To promote a natural way of communication with horses, where the purpose is mutual respect and a relationship where the horse trusts its human partner and sees us as a fit leader.
• To offer a youth ranch work and riding program, where children from our local community can learn everything involved in the daily chores on a ranch, health and welfare of the horse, and general horsemanship and riding skills.

The Path our Rescues Take:
Most of our rescues have a history of abuse, neglect, and starvation, and they take three main paths before they come to us:
• Starvation: Most of our rescues have been starved at some point in the recent past. Sometimes it is just that the owners don't know how to properly care for horses, how much and what type of hay to feed, or that horses need a wide array of supplements(like a multivitamin) to survive and thrive. Others have simply run out of money and can't afford the proper amount of feed anymore, due to the economy, or the rising price of hay and lack of pasture grass in this drought.
• Abuse: Most of our rescues have also been abused in their past. Many of today's horse-people and trainers still subscribe to the traditional method of horse training, instead of the natural, gentle way that has been brought back into the light of day over the past few decades by people like Tom Dorrance, Ray Hunt, Buck Brannaman, Monty Roberts, and Pat Parelli. In the traditional way of training, the horse is "broke" by force, using abuse and coercion to break the horse into submission. The trainers "sacked out" horses by tying them to a pole and violently waiving bags around them and whipping them until they stop trying to run away (the horses natural instinct, flight). This process can take hours, or days, where the entire time the horse is in fear for its life, heart racing, drenched in sweat. It is not uncommon for a horse to simply have a heart attack during this process. Other traditional methods include tying a horses legs together and pushing it over and sitting on its side to show it you're its "leader". We can't imagine why people would want to continue to train such magnificent creatures this way, when there is such a better, kinder way of training that creates a lifelong partnership without fear or violence.
• Many of our horses have come from auctions. Now this doesn't sound that bad, especially with what was talked about the previous two situations. However it is not where a horse is auctioned to the highest bidder and then goes off to live its life in green pastures. A livestock auction sells livestock, cows, pigs, goats, and horses, and they all go to the same place: a meat factory. Yes, a law was passed in 2012 to allow meat factory's in several states to slaughter horses for human consumption. Most of the meat is exported to Europe and Asia, and with a nice profit for the person winning the bid at the auction. I reminded of a quote I once heard: "Not once in cinematic history did the iconic cowboy ride off into the sunset and eat his horse. Americans don’t eat horses."

Our Youth Program:
At Fox Equine Rescue & Rehab, we dont just rescue and re-home horses, we also run a youth program with our rescued horses. This program connects with our equine rescue & rehabilitation to teach the kids how we rehabilitate the rescue horses, and show them helping the horses can give them value, purpose, and connections they wont find elsewhere.

Children will visit the ranch as part of their education, working in a natural outdoor setting to develop loyalty, trust, leadership, patience, responsibility and teamwork. They will engage fully in the barn management practices, equine health and fist aid, and the relationship with the horse. All three of these branches of the youth program will develop not only a rider, but a true horse-person that understands the horse, the ranch, and the work ethic skills it takes to be part of a community.

We strive to create a family within a barn for the animals and the people involved. Both our children and horses will develop their connections among each other, creating a society based on trust, camaraderie, and commonality. Children who would not have the opportunity to interact with each other in normal school or social settings will come together to help the barn run efficiently and create lasting relationships. Here no one is passed over or given up on, not student or horse. We work with both to find themselves and hopefully each other. As we have discovered, horses help us find our fullest potential.

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