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Mission Statement

The Urban Literacy Project mission is to improve literacy and increase reading levels with academically poor performing children from inner-city communities. We will meet this goal by first providing reading books to low level readers living in non-custodial and transient conditions which often times do not have access to these resources. In addition, we will work with other agencies and organizations to introduce these children to authors that write about children of color to promote literacy through the community.

About This Cause

Every school child deserves equal access to books, an education laptop, Internet access and helpful volunteers to empower their education. Urban Literacy Project has made it their mission, to help provide these four keys to literacy to every child in America: 1. Books 2. Laptops 3. Internet Access Subsidies 4. Access to Volunteers As part of its "4 Keys to Literacy" fundraising campaign, Urban Literacy Project wants to make sure every school child has the power to read, learn and achieve. Under a fundraising campaign, Urban Literacy Project asks for donations to help provide books, laptops, internet access subsidies, and volunteer access to the children part of the literacy programs. ReadAlong Together Program - Social, Collaborative & Engaging Learning To make reading educational, the organization has implemented the "ReadAlong Together" program. This special interactive program incorporates the multi-player model of social collaborative gaming kids are already familiar with, along with the social collaborative learning their parents are familiar with in the workplace. Helpful volunteers read along together with children of all ages in online collaborative reading sessions designed to motivate and engage their minds. The "ReadAlong Together" program is available to children across America with the permission of their parents and signing up is easy. Volunteers are joining in the program from all around the globe. Exclusive Ground-Breaking ReadAlong Content Urban Literacy Project has partnered with Legesse Allyn, author of ground-breaking research on ancient Egypt, who will help provide books to the ReadAlong Together program. Included in the program is his recent Amazon book, "The Women Who Invented Writing and Ancient Egyptian Civilization," which not only supports girls' education, but is great for boys, too, about the actual development of literacy 5100 years ago. Also included is Legesse Allyn’s "The Ethiopian Culture of Ancient Egypt" Amazon book series, which gives significant details about the development of hieroglyphic writing. The special book series also confirms the ancient Egyptian hieroglyphic language is not a "dead" language after all, supporting what ancient Greek historian Diodorus Siculus wrote, that Ethiopians founded ancient Egypt and the hieroglyphic language is Ethiopian. And Legesse Allyn's African City View read along video episodes helps school children learn about cosmopolitan culture in cities of the 54 African countries. African business, trade, fashion, food, fun and more. Usage of Donation Proceeds The money raised for the "4 Keys To Literacy" fundraising campaign will be used to buy the books and laptops, pay up to a $30 high-speed internet access subsidy to their home Internet provider, as well as recruit and manage volunteers for the Read Along Together program. A special Facebook group has been set up for the ReadAlong Together program at https://facebook.com/groups/readalongtogether/, where parents and their children can join, as well as volunteers and the general public can engage and be informed about the program and its progress.

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