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Mission Statement

Kaminando creates lasting solutions for wildlife conservation in the cloud forest through acquiring scientific knowledge, community outreach, and empowering residents to participate in the most urgent conservation challenges threatening our flagship species, the jaguar.

About This Cause

Our project aims to elucidate jaguar distribution, habitat use, and prey availability in the montane cloud forest. Understanding how jaguars navigate the highly fragmented landscape will help identify viable corridors for the species survival.

Our Educational Outreach Program :
Aims to promote a comprehensive understanding of, and appreciation for the jaguar, through education and community outreach.

By providing information and education, Kaminando's outreach program fills important knowledge gaps, dispels misconceptions and helps to change attitudes and behavior in ways that enhance tolerance for, and coexistence with, the iconic jaguar.

By involving the community in our research activities, we are making significant strides towards building local capacity and promoting the value of intact forest.

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