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Mission Statement

To champion carbon removal solutions through science and innovation.

About This Cause

Climate change is real. And despite how ambitious it may seem to some, we believe it can be fixed. While many passionate organizations and individuals focus on reducing carbon emissions, climate goals can only be met by removing the carbon that already exists in our atmosphere. The status quo has and will continue to prove insufficient to motivate change. The secret weapon, as we see it, is to present an undeniable economic case for action.

The reality is, carbon is much more than mere waste. By working in parallel with nature, carbon can be transformed from a pollutant to resource. Some solutions are already in practice, others are in development, and certainly bigger and brighter innovations are waiting to be discovered. It will take them all to achieve our goals. Those solutions, the scientists who study them, the policymakers who support them, and the businesses who put them to use will be the catalyst for large-scale carbon removal.

This is why Carbon180 was created: to bring together the scientists, policymakers, and businesses to fundamentally rethink carbon. As partners, we can build a prosperous, carbon-conscious economy that removes more carbon from the atmosphere than we emit.

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