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Mission Statement

omegaUp is a non-profit organization with the mission to build the talent pipeline of Software Engineers from Latin America and other Spanish-speaking communities by providing an accessible learning platform together with social programs.

About This Cause

“I do believe that omegaUp helped me get hired in Microsoft, because it was the first coding platform I used and for a long time. I learned the basics there, and that truly changed my destiny and where my career moved forward” — Elsy Pinzón, Software Engineer @ Microsoft from Yucatán, México is a free coding learning platform with accesible content in Spanish used by more than 22,000 students and professors in Latin America to improve their programming skills. Teachers and tutors can create new Coding Challenges or use the more than 4,000 existing ones to organize courses or online Programming Competitions with local, national or even international reach. Students learn and improve their Computer Science skills by solving coding challenges and being part of programming competitions. omegaUp provides the platform to create and manage programming challenges and contests as well as automatically grade source code solutions created by students. omegaUp also has social programs aimed to keep motivated students in Computer Science. Each month, the most active participant in our platform wins the Coder of the Month award and we give them educational material as a gift for this achievement. We also run a Career Experiences program that connects latinx engineers in the industry with students in remote talks to help them hear about their educational journey, how they overcame challenges, share recommendations and provide positive confirmation that Latin American engineers can also succeed in the Software Engineer industry. Each year more than 2,000 students are benefited from this program. Key achievements: * We have many success stories from students who used omegaUp to improve their coding skills and now they are Software Engineers in companies like Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Facebook and others. Here are some of the stories: * omegaUp is the official platform of the Mexican Olympiad in Informatics (OMI) since 2011. The OMI is the most important high-school national programming competition in Mexico with more than 80 participants each year. * Mexico achieved 1 Gold, 2 Silver and 5 Bronze medals in the International Olympiad in Informatics since omegaUp became the official training platform. Previous 20 years: 1 Silver, 6 Bronze. * is the platform for the Iberoamerican Olympiad in Informatics since 2015. Participant countries included Argentina, Mexico, Chile, Colombia, Bolivia, Venezuela, Brazil, Spain and Portugal. Learn more about omegaUp in our latest annual report:

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