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Mission Statement

Hugs that Empower 501c3 nonprofit was founded to ensure that money is never an obstacle for people with disabilities who want to leave their walker, wheelchair or cane behind to "Dance to Walk" in the TangoStride Program. Our mission is to help stroke and traumatic brain injury (TBI) survivors and people with neurological conditions that impact mobility reach their full potential for a vibrant life, subsidizing classes for those in need.

About This Cause

A person’s independence is directly tied to their mobility. The unique challenge with brain injuries is that, in an instant, people lose abilities they once had. We are all one car accident, one fall, one misstep from a TBI, and strokes discriminate against no-one. This affects not just one individual, but their entire community. Survivors often deal with depression and need assistance, which affects their partners, family and friends. The TangoStride Program helps both survivors and care partners re-connect through a shared dance experience. Three components produce powerful results: 1) positive interpersonal interaction to combat depression and feelings of isolation, 2) music for healing the brain and soul, and 3) movement inspired by the gentle hugging walking of tango.
TangoStride Classes are powered by Hugs that Empower, a nonprofit organization created so that money will never be an obstacle for anyone who is brave enough to get up and get movin' and wants to participate in this program. According to the 2014 Census, 5.9% of adults in King County have difficulty walking, and nationwide, 17 million (7%) adults cannot (or find it difficult to) walk a quarter mile. Our mission is to help people with disabilities reach their full potential for a vibrant life, help re-integrate community post-stroke or TBI, and aid in filling the gap post-rehabilitation by providing a dance opportunity suitable for people with significant mobility challenges.

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