Kate Wallich

Seattle, Washington, 98122 United States

Mission Statement

Kate Wallich 501(c)(3) is an organization dedicated to cultivating a community of artists and audience members through the creation and presentation of designed dance-based experiences directed by choreographer and educator Kate Wallich. Our vision is a collaborative, creative, and connected community that supports and engages with progressive, risk-taking dance projects.

About This Cause


Provide a platform for artists to come together with artistic agency to create ambitious new ideas in a safe space.

Enable artists and collaborators to take risks and investigate creative processes while providing financial security.

Partner with local, national and international organizations to access diverse audiences and combine resources for maximum reach.

Employ educational platforms to share artistic practice, heighten understanding, and develop dialogue around our work.

Create dynamic opportunities to enhance audience engagement.

Build accessibility for people with different backgrounds, experiences and points of view to diversify the contemporary dance community.

Artistic Excellence
Challenge the boundaries of live performance with technical rigor and artistic excellence.

Generate relevant work as a response to our diverse individual experiences while maintaining awareness of social, political and cultural landscapes.

Employ intentional, design-focused practices throughout the organization and body of work.

Kate Wallich
1810 15Th Ave Apt 101
Seattle, Washington 98122
United States
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