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Mission Statement

Holter Intellectual Property, Incorporated is a Georgia based nonprofit dedicated to creating opportunities for artists and our communities to connect, share ideas, and create community projects for edutainment, self-care and harm reduction among disfranchised humans. We tackle tough issues, and spark hard-to-have conversations with our amazing urban design on Augusto Boal's Theater of the Oppressed. Our programs include, but are not limited to health & wellness, oratory development, self-publishing, visual art, graphic design and publishing assistance. We aim to promote ideas of self-empowerment and self-efficacy, by offering free resources and online platforms for networking. HIP INC is also a content developer, making literary and artwork available for the world-wide community under creative commons rights and regulations. Among our creative properties are literary works, visual art, music and video. We are constantly building our library of works, and invite inquiries at www.hipinc.org.

About This Cause

Affectionately known as HIP INC, Holter Intellectual Property, Incorporated is a proud family of writers, singers, dancers, poets, entrepreneurs, and community supporters who work together to create opportunities for social networking and edutainment which are hinged on community concerns about health and wellness and employable skill development for our disenfranchised community. HIP Library: We are always working hard to continue to archive HIP Collections for our HIP Library. We are cataloging our collection of visual art, audio recordings, video files and literary works for Creative Commons use. Recurring Theater: Every year we provided work opportunities for more than 50 independent artists and contractors. Artists learn to travel, and navigate cities that were previously unknown to them. They receive special training in oratory and vocal projection for black box theater, where no microphones are used. Our theater programs assists artists to overcome insecurities and helps them to develop the most essential skill of public speaking, which is a central focus of HIP community work. In Development: We have laid a very solid foundation for beginning our C.O.VE. (Collective Oratory Voices for Excellence); Phase #1 Voices of Foster Care. We plan to launch our first fundraiser early in 2022. 2020-2021 The year 2020 was a challenge for most of the world, we imagine. The HIP Team had big plans for 2020, as we had just received our bus, Dreamcatcher, and had only just begun our health and wellness meet-ups in Georgia when the pandemic began. But by March of 2021, The HIP Team had used 13 months of our downtime to create and complete digital portals by which we could share work and connect online, in full respect of social distancing mores. These sites include our online art store, our radio/podcast, our television channel, our social networking site CoffyTalk and the Coffy Talk App. 2019 In 2019 The HIP Team expanded our services to include classes in Health and Wellness in a physical location in Norcross, GA. Through 7 Stages Home Brew, The HIP Team took an intensive crash course in finer details of professional stage production, script writing, character development and team work. In only two short weeks, we put ourselves to the test, creating a brand-new script for their development program "Home Brew." Adult Night School examines the gray area between what is BDSM and what is physical and emotional abuse. This project is part of our library and is available for community theater use. Also in 2019, we received a very kind donation of a 22 passenger bus which we intend to use for learning trips and excursions for HIP Team members and fundraising events. This donation came to us from Dwayne Wiggins of Tony Toni Tone'. Wiggins is new to the Atlanta area, but have been a long time supporter with donations of music for our theater productions. We also hosted our first week-long Health fair in Norcross, GA and our first healing spa retreat. We featured our bus in Atlanta's official pride event and distributed safer sex paraphernalia to hundreds of people. In 2019 our S.E.T. (Sex Education Theater) program reached 12 cities including heterosexual and lesbian audiences, in Detroit, Chicago, New York City, Silver Spring, Atlanta, Oklahoma City, Tulsa, Arlington and Oakland. The focus of S.E.T. in 2019 was Energetic connectivity, with attention to organs and emotions, with a special focus on the human kidney and fear. The HIP Team was blessed to learn from Yogi Ami Brown of Healing Tribes of Oakland, CA.

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