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Mission Statement

Our mission is to empower motivated students with fundamental programming skills to build solutions towards societal problems.

About This Cause

We are a group of highly motivated Individuals who share the common ideals of generosity and philanthropy. We began Enye as a means to give back to communities in Nigeria. However, we soon realized that we could do more than just give back. We could empower potential leaders in these communities with skills to bring about tangible change.

As an organization, we believe that technology is the key to alleviating social, political and economic problems. Additionally, Its our belief that by empowering the brightest, most responsible students through mentorship and access to knowledge, that they can become the innovators and leaders that their community needs.

At Enye, we pride ourselves on three core principles: community, solidarity and empowerment. Our efforts as an organization is aimed at uplifting communities with pervasive and sometimes crippling problems by training students to address those communal problems. Not only are the founders of Enye united in this goal, but each student that goes through our program will be instilled with these same three fundamental principles.

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