Eureka! Inclusive Charter School, Inc.

San Jose, California, 95123 United States

Mission Statement

Our Mission is to establish the first intentionally-inclusive and universally designed publicly funded school in Santa Clara County, reflective of the cultural, linguistic, and learning diversity of the students living in the neighborhoods of San Jose Unified School District. Our vision is that Eureka! Inclusive will inspire the growth of intentionally inclusive and universally designed schools in Santa Clara County.

About This Cause

Eureka! Inclusive Charter School is a proposed charter school that seeks to create an integrated school model where all children are served in inclusive classroom settings and learn together to share their own unique gifts as human beings.

Upon approval of its charter petition in 2019, Eureka! Inclusive will serve students within the San José Unified School District located in heart of Silicon Valley . Eureka! Inclusive is a parent initiated school, designed to meet the needs of SJUSD's most marginalized and lowest performing student groups, i.e. Students with Disabilities, English Learners, Low Income, Homeless, and Foster students.

Traditional school models often equate special education with separate education. Many students are segregated into separate classrooms for most of their day, or placed in "pull out programs" to address learning, language acquisition, or mental health needs. Unfortunately, such programs often reinforce differences and interrupt the typical experiences that are necessary for social skill acquisition, life-skill learning, and scholastic success.

Eureka! Inclusive is built on the principles of Full Inclusion, Universal Design for Learning, Equity Based Multi-Tiered Systems of Support, and Relationship Based Teaching. Endorsed by both The CHIME Institute and SWIFT Education Center, Eureka! Inclusive's educational program ensures that all students have access to all aspects of the curriculum. This approach to inclusion creates schools where all students, including those with extensive needs, are fully valued, welcomed, well supported, and meaningfully engaged in learning.

Eureka! Inclusive Charter School, Inc.
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