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Mission Statement

Great Careers Groups provides online career education, resources, support services, and networking connections to individuals, including veterans. We serve the unemployed, the underemployed, the self-employed, and the employed, as well as the organizations (businesses and nonprofits) that may employ them. Whenever possible, we focus on the underrepresented, those unique in entering the civilian workforce, and the disadvantaged (including minorities, gender identity populations, Veterans, and those impacted by ageism). Why? Everyone deserves an opportunity to earn an income. The legal entity of our 501(c)3 is Philadelphia Area Great Careers Group

About This Cause

Our “Why” - Everyone deserves an opportunity to earn an income. Our Value Proposition Statement We empower an inclusive and diverse multigenerational workforce to optimize the evolving workplace and gig economy through awareness and preparation. Our Vision We serve the area workforce and create alliances with businesses and nonprofits to empower everyone who wants to earn an income, including: - workers in transition - unemployed - underemployed - first-time job seekers - career professionals - veterans - the underrepresented - the disadvantaged - others who are less resourced as they seek employment, advancement, reinvention, or changes in their career. We do this using: - proven education and support methods - tapping into the best resources available to us - taking advantage of new technologies and methods as they emerge - and continual measurement of our successes and reviews of our ‘lessons learned.’ -------------------------- Our Values – Fundamental and Aspirational - Our core services are free to all. - We embrace the diversity of the workforce. - We acknowledge and respond to the individuality of each person and the unique needs of each organization we serve. - We seek to serve all appropriate geographic areas within the metropolitan area. ________________ Strategy - We provide support to individuals seeking help with career transition (jobseekers, the underemployed, and entrepreneurs) and career management (self-employed and employed). - We strive to provide free and affordable resources, professional services, and tools for improving employment marketability and opportunities. We do this in online serving job seekers around the country and the world, as they discover us: - Every week Career Success Meetings - Career Education - Expert Global Subject Matter Expert Career Speakers - Social Events - Directed Networking - Training - We seek to add value rather than compete, seeking gaps and opportunities, not duplicating others efforts - We do this without regard to individual’s financial resources using free resources and volunteers wherever possible - We offer scholarships for those in need - Recognizing that the organization requires funding and not all services can be free; - PAGCG will offer enhanced services for a small membership fee of under $1 a week - PAGCG will partner with experienced qualified subject matter experts for some paid workshops with revenue sharing - PAGCG will offer boot camps, including group-focused or - PAGCG will offer webinars and/or workshops (live) and record them for later use - PAGCG will offer instruction and make it available on an LMS - PAGCG will offer advertising/sponsorships - PAGCG will seek grants and corporate funding - Accounting and information systems will be upgraded and enhanced to provide required financial and service level measurements - Acknowledging that PAGCG must control communication with and access to its members to advance its goals and measure effectiveness: - Membership is on a CRM platform (Salesforce) in PAGCGs control - Profiles and basic demographic information are gathered for measurement and reporting - Meeting attendance, workshop enrollment, membership, and donations are tracked in the CRM

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