Military Mobility

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Mission Statement

MISSION: MILITARY MOBILITY is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization specializing in off-road expeditions and resiliency training for veterans and gold star famalies. Our mission is to put clients back in a team environment which fosters camaraderie, trust, and inspires the realization that any challenge - no matter how great - can be overcome. This is NOT another trail ride. Once at our austere base camp veterans are inspirationally taught resiliency, grit, leadership, and team building techniques; then assigned roles and responsibilities, and provided real world opportunities to apply the principles into action. The team will lead, manage, problem solve, and achieve mission success. Our carefully planned expeditions instill confidence, purposefulness, adaptability, and social support to build resilience. This amazing experience offers massive opportunities for positive transformational growth.

About This Cause

WHY WE DO THIS Message from a fan (veteran’s wife): “My husband Eric and I met a man at the Jeep Safari in Moab that was at your booth. He was very informative and Eric and I had a long afterwards regarding Eric participating in one of your treks. Eric is a Marine recon combat veteran and struggles with PTSD, among other things. He "pushes" through every day and is an amazing husband, but he struggles. I need him to go on this mission with you guys. He needs it. This is the first time in almost a decade that he has shown interest and agreed to do something to help himself. Please let me know what I have to do to get this going for him. Thank you very much.” - To provide professional development to aid in career advancement and valuable tools for transitioning or retired veterans. THESE FACTS MOTIVATE US TO MAKE AN IMPACT - 22 Veteran suicides take place every day in the United States.1 - Veterans are 50% more likely to die by suicide than those who have never served in the military.1 - Combat related injuries that military service-members experience are often of a very different nature and represent unique challenges. 2 mental health disorders hazardous exposures chronic pain post-traumatic stress traumatic brain injury amputations 1US Department of Veteran Affairs. 2 Advances in Medical Education and Practice, US Veterans and their Unique Issues (2015). ADVENTURE AWAITS MILITARY MOBILITY identified an unmet need to create an inspirational home for higher learning amongst the veteran community and believe in providing opportunity and instruction where motivated individuals can: * JUMPSTART PASSION * FUEL TEAMWORK * NAVIGATE OPERATIONS * GAIN TRACTION IN LEADERSHIP * ALIGN STRATEGIC GOALS * RECOVER POTENTIAL These are the foundations of MILITARY MOBILITY’s mission. MILITARY MOBILITY would like to thank you for your time and consideration. We understand that all time is valuable and we truly believe in this mission. All Veterans, including us, having given blood, sweat and tears for this country. MILITARY MOBILITY will always be there to support them and we hope you come along with us on this critically important journey. The journey to ensure that all have a place to belong, to understand that they are not alone, and to maintain a healthy zest for life in our great nation. *MILITARY MOBILITY does NOT profit financially from our program one cent. Our gains are from being a part of something bigger than ourselves, from a sense of contribution, belonging, and accomplishment. Watch 3 minute Ken's Journey

Military Mobility
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