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Mission Statement

Fiction for Kids is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization working to bring joy to children through art and creative writing. Our dedicated team of volunteers collaborate to create and publish stories for donation to pediatric patients, foster children, and other kids in need.

About This Cause

It started as a blank Google document, shared between middle school girls, where we wrote stories for each other's birthdays. We worked together to create a unique world where the birthday girl could be the heroine of her own tale. Birthday stories were the glue that bonded us, documenting our friendship. When we approached college, we knew that distance and classes would likely impede our birthday tradition, but we could not abandon the joy and imagination of collaborative writing. In the summer of 2015, we founded Fiction for Kids, eager to share our love of writing and storytelling with pediatric patients and foster children. With a small group of high school and college volunteers, we began creating short stories to donate to local Bay Area hospitals. Fiction for Kids is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization devoted to creating and publishing short works of children’s fiction. Our team grew to over fifty volunteers, and we partnered with a variety of hospitals and foster homes in the Bay Area and nationwide to donate our stories. With hundreds of story donations and counting, we’ve published 23 books, ranging from picture books to young-adult short stories. Some, like Wingless’ Flight, explore how to accept and embrace the characteristics that make us unique. Others, such as Molly, the Otter!, highlight how imperative it is to care for environment. Whether our stories include otters or unicorns, Fiction for Kids’ mission is to always include positive messages, diverse characters, and educational storylines in any work we create. We are hoping to create a self-sustaining cycle of literacy, creativity, and imagination. Our team of volunteers are largely high school and undergraduate students who have not only created original stories for donation to children in need, but have also participated in readings and sponsored writing contests at elementary schools in the San Francisco Bay Area that have inspired younger students to write their own stories. We hope to continue representing diverse identities and experiences to empower children to pursue their interests regardless of traditional societal boundaries. We are excited to continue sharing encouraging themes in our stories, from learning about oil spills that damage marine habitats to accepting and celebrating our differences. Fiction for Kids is committed to recognizing various identities and communities so that our young readers will feel seen and empowered by reading about characters that reflect them.

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