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Mission Statement

arx duo is a percussion chamber group dedicated to the creation and performance of new music. Our mission is to foster audiences that are imaginative and open-minded through engagement and art; forming intrinsic values that further connect people.

About This Cause

Through collaboration, community engagement, and performance, arx duo is working to revitalize the chamber music audience and its passion for the creation of new art. As percussionists, we are able to get to the core of community involvement as all people can make percussive sounds. Clapping, stomping, snapping, shaking a shaker...all of these things are ways that we make music. In creating new music, we invite community members into the heart of the process to meet the composer, try some of the music, play the instruments, and see creation in front of their eyes as it shifts, changes, and always ends up completely unique to each performance. We give people an inside look behind collaborations and rehearsals, logistics and performance, and of course a nice hang/chat afterward. We want to invite people to discover new music and art and have their own opinions and comments about it, without fear of being judged. Not everything will be liked, not everything will be disliked, and people can learn for themselves what creation is all about. In addition to creation and performance, arx duo is committed to education within our community and the international community. We strive to reach students of all ages no matter whether they or their school can afford it. An issue in art today is that access is restricted to those who can afford it. As a public charity, we intend to reach all audiences, and engage in an educational setting with anyone willing to enjoy, regardless of their status. We have a strong history of education, and continue to engage with hundreds of students each year, a number we hope to see grow in the thousands as we gain support from our community. We also aim to produce and collaborate on projects that bring awareness to different topics in todays society, hoping to bring communities closer to issues, celebrations, or scenarios that they otherwise wouldn’t be connected to. In producing these, we will bring work to musicians, artists, lighting technicians, and many more, all the while expanding the reach of different community organizations helping to make the world a better place. BIO arx duo is dedicated to the expansion of the percussion chamber music repertoire through the creation and presentation of new works, the educating and inspiring of young artists, and exciting performances inviting audiences to engage with new works and artists from all over the world. They have had premiere performances throughout the globe, conducted workshops on three continents, and worked with a variety of composers and artists to bring new creations to life for communities everywhere. Just before the COVID-19 pandemic, the duo had given their Royal Albert Hall Debut in London with British Composer of the Year (2018) Dominic Murcott’s “Harmonic Canon”. They were also scheduled to have their Carnegie Hall Debut in April of 2020. Through the Pandemic, the group has continued to commission and workshop new pieces with composers, and engage with students and audiences across the globe. Honing their recording skills, they have released numerous videos and full online concerts, and are preparing to release their first album in the spring of 2022, through a residency with Jack Straw Artists in Seattle. With a repertoire ranging from established masters to today’s newest compositional voices, arx duo has worked closely with composers such as Jonathan Bailey Holland, Ted Hearne, Steven Mackey, Juri Seo, and many more. They have worked with a performed with renowned chamber ensembles such as the Dover String Quartet, Aeolus String Quartet, Bergamot String Quartet, Amy Yang, Henry Kramer, The Percussion Collective - Robert van Sice, among many others. As educators, arx duo has held guest positions at Peabody Conservatory, Michigan State University, and are currently faculty at Curtis Institute of Music Young Artist Summer Program. They’ve also given masterclasses to young musicians on three continents, including many locations in the states. Mari and Garrett have also given residencies (both in person and virtual) for the composition departments of Princeton, Boston Conservatory, and more in the coming seasons. The name "arx duo" comes from the artists’ desire to forge new connections and artistic pathways or "arcs" within the genre, expanding the opportunities for their music to reach new audiences. Mari and Garrett both proudly endorse Adams Instruments, Pearl Drums, Zildjian Cymbals, Evans Drumheads, and Vic Firth Sticks and Mallets

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