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Mission Statement

Vision: To help youth in disadvantaged communities realize their full potential, be positive influences in their communities and productive members of society. Strategy: We will leverage the sport of wrestling to promote physical, mental and moral development. Outcomes: Boost physical and emotional well-being enhancing overall self-esteem. Improve academic achievement with an emphasis on college preparation and career development. Advance the value of personal commitment, teamwork, leadership and empathy. Values: Safety - We always start with safety, no exception. We are concerned with the basic physical and emotional needs of our youth. We are committed to having consistent, basic health and safety practices in place. Inclusion - We promote an environment where everyone feels welcome and heard, where diversity and teamwork are valued and recognized Sustainability - We balance the needs of today with the needs of tomorrow; we build critical mass of programs in a given community before moving on to the next Accountability - We hold ourselves to the highest standards of ethical conduct and are prudent and effective with the use of resources entrusted to us.

About This Cause

Founded in 2019, Beat the Streets Bay Area is committed to improving the lives of girls and boys through exposure to the sport of wrestling. Beat the Streets Bay Area seeks to engage each child in a way unique to youth athletics - focusing holistically on the full human and athletic potential of our athletes.

We will provide positive role models and mentorship for participating wrestlers, as well as structural guidance and oversight for partner school districts. We will help our athletes mature into self-confident, responsible, and engaged citizens who are eager to live productive lives and become contributing members of their communities. We will focus on leadership, college readiness, and career pathways in local industry, specifically technology due to proximity.

Leveraging wrestling, BTS Bay Area aims to empower youth to overcome the challenges they face in life be they socio-economic, educational, health, or relationship based. Teaching skills such as self-discipline, the value of hard work, and working as part of a team, our athletes learn life skills that apply both on and off the mat, allowing them to reach their potential.

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