WILKINSBURG, Pennsylvania, 15221-3067 United States

Mission Statement

Building an equitable economy for Wilkinsburg and the Greater Pittsburgh region by creating opportunities that promote professional development, financial wellbeing, and entrepreneurial growth. We believe in participatory programming that gives voice to those we serve, breaking down silos between communities, and developing equitable pathways to economic success.

About This Cause

Community Forge is a community hub in Wilkinsburg located in the former Johnston Elementary School. We now have over 40 local organizations and entrepreneurs building their businesses and programs with us. Our goal is to support local businesses and residents in getting access to education, and economic opportunities. We are interested in making sure equitable development is happening in our region, and are setting an example by building a diverse economy that is responsive and inclusive to its community. We want to see locals gaining opportunity in developing communities and industries and break down the silos our economy and region too often creates.

1256 Franklin Ave
WILKINSBURG, Pennsylvania 15221-3067
United States
Phone 412-501-2055
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