Sacramento, California, 95821 United States

Mission Statement

Arab Community Center for Integration Services (ACCIS) is a non-profit organization that provides transitional assistance to newly arriving immigrants and refugees to Sacramento through Referral Services, Women and Youth Empowerment Programs, and Cultural Integration Activities.

About This Cause

Immigrants and refugees face many challenges in their transition into a new country and new culture. A few of the issues they face are: language barrier, inability to find suitable jobs, no knowledge of available services, lack of youth programs, mental health issues, culture shock and identity confusion. In addition to lack of social activities. ACCIS addresses these issues though its programs that focus on minimizing the cultural shock, and empowering newcomers to become productive members of the community while preserving their identity. The Referral program connects people with resources through referrals to job centers and English as a Second Language classes, assisting with healthcare coverage program enrollment, disability applications, immigration applications, completing necessary school forms and applying for programs, providing housing and transportation assistance and referral to specialized services. The Woman Empowerment program creates effective solutions and economic opportunities for women to support their wellbeing and human needs as they integrate into the community, such as home-based catering business and sewn products industry training, which allow women to provide income and create a healthier environment for their families. This program empowers the community and strengthens the economy. Women who receive employment are able to provide an avenue for their children and communities to thrive and become financially independent. More empowered women mean more safety and security. The program also provides monthly healing and wellness sessions, such as the Mindfulness monthly sessions that are a great support for women during the pandemic. The Youth and Children Enrichment program focuses on raising emotional intelligence and the ability to recognize, interpret and process emotions through activities that align with the United Nations Sustainable Goals that promotes children and youth wellness in a welcoming atmosphere. The Community Involvement program supports diversity and encourages cultural exchange, personal connection, and deepening of community bonds through activities, such as: the annual Culture and Food Festival, picnics and potlucks and fundraising events.

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