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Mission Statement

We create an informed electorate by hosting entertaining events for people of all ages where we provide important relevant impactful information on the four C’s of civics, civic engagement, civility, and civil rights.

About This Cause

An informed electorate is vital to America. Today, it's harder than ever to sift through information to find what's important. Even exaggerations increased by a million percent last year. Joking aside, this presents a real problem. Information intake often occurs in front of a screen and in isolation from others. Though events to learn new information abound, these events often take the form of formal presentations, information sessions, and teach-ins. This means that the most important knowledge for an informed populace - issues related to civics, civil rights, civility, and civic engagement - is often communicated in rather boring ways that are less likely to engage people. Informational events - even when offered for free - are often under-attended, overlooked, or hidden amongst the more entertaining options. Yet, an informed electorate is dependent on the accessibility of this knowledge. At Inform Your Community our mission is to capitalize on the power of unusual, fun, authentic entertainment experiences to provide important relevant impactful information to children and adults of all ages. Inform Your Community knows time is valuable. To help people make the most of it, we pack our time maximized programs with great entertainment and our important impactful proprietary curriculum relevant to an informed electorate. Because every person is a stakeholder invested in a variety of issues, Inform Your Community programs pull from twelve timely and relevant topic clusters. 1. Education, Research, and Technology 2. Environmental Protection 3. Federal Budget and the Tax System 4. Foreign Affairs and Trade 5. Government and Election Reforms 6. Gun Safety 7. Business and the Economy 8. Crime, Law, and the Judicial System 9. Social Safety Net 10. Underserved Populations 11. Military and Defense 12. Civility, Ethics, and Values To educate about these topics, Inform Your Community offers six fun civic engagement oriented programs. Our programs focus on the timely and relevant topics people want to know more about offered through free fun virtual events. Celebrate and Create: Children engage in craft projects inspired by inclusive monthly celebration themes. Craftivism: Adults learn different art techniques and leave each event with a complete project. Popcorn and Chat: Attendees watch a social-issue-focused movie and engage in facilitator led discussion. The Know-It-All Series: The audience enjoys hearing subject matter experts present followed by a Q & A. Much-To-Discuss Meetups: Peers mingle and learn amidst the backdrop of various entertainment venues. Smart Shopping Events: Shoppers purchase branded items and handmade curriculum integrated items. Inform Your Community benefits from donations as well as from the generous assistance of volunteers at all levels in the organization to help deliver our programs. Please donate or volunteer today.

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