High Asia Habitat Fund

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Mission Statement

The High Asia Habitat Fund’s mission is to protect High Asia’s critical ecosystems through conserving wildlife, restoring wild habitat, and empowering dependent communities toward conservation.

About This Cause

We envision a future where the animals, resources, plants, cultures, and humans of the high mountains of Asia are secure and thriving for centuries to come. We collaborate with governments, businesses, and communities, to: RESTORE ECOSYSTEMS We invest at the ecosystem level, committing funds to re-forest and re-wild critical habitat. EMPOWER COMMUNITIES We train rangers, educate communities, & mitigate human-wildlife conflict. CONSERVE WILDLIFE We turn wildlife into an asset. We diversify community income through tourism and international market connectivity. Focus Areas CARBON MANAGEMENT Resources across High Asia are scarce. The human demand for natural resources leads to habitat and food loss for species. It also contributes to the greater warming of our planet, which is particularly vulnerable in High Asia. Carbon-negative projects, such as habitat restoration and reforestation, contribute to the local ecology and the greater region’s health. RANGER TRAINING The best advocates for conservation come from within communities. Training local ranger teams on tracking and spotting their local species creates wildlife advocates for the tourism, nonprofit, and government entities. Skills learned through ranger-to-ranger training increases collaboration throughout High Asia and creates a world-class tourism industry, conserving animals. PREDATOR-PROOF CORRALS Snow leopards, a keystone species across High Asia, can cause a lot of trouble if they enter a shepherds corral. A villager can lose all of their sheep in one go, which leads to a loss of income and anger and retaliation toward the leopard. Predator-proof corrals are an affordable, proven method to reduce human wildlife conflict and conserve predators in the region.

High Asia Habitat Fund
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