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Mission Statement

Casting Flies to Renew the Mind and Refresh the Spirit.

About This Cause

In a world of chaos and stress, Good Fly offers free one-day casting clinics to teach the life-long skill of fly casting to those in our society that live with prolonged stress and anxiety. First Responders represent that segment of our communities that take on the burden of protection and care of the general population often internalizing stress and carry it without effective outlets to shed that burden. Prolonged stress and anxiety can cause sleep disorders, depression, and relationship problems. The Good Fly curriculum teaches participants to focus on the cadence-like rhythm of casting which requires total focus and concentration, relieving the psyche of burden for a day. Our motto is “Casting Flies to Renew the Mind and Refresh the Spirit”. Stress knows no bias. People of all color, creed and backgrounds are affected by it. Our focus groups reflect our society. We have elected to make this a free day for all participants removing any barrier for entry. This diverse mix of people with a common life experience, encourages each class to become a community with common bond. To reinforce the prolonged efficacy of developing this stress reliving skill, we work closely with local fly-fishing clubs so our participants can find a community of like minded individuals to further their skill and increase their fishing opportunities. Our participants often have a person in their lives that help them cope with their stress and encourage them to get up and go to work. This important supporter also takes on a portion of the stress themselves. We find it crucial to offer the opportunity for participants to invite that person to share the day with them. An additional benefit of the plus one is that it helps balance the demographics of the program. Fully 50% of our participants are women as both participants and guests.

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