West Jordan, Utah, 84088 United States

Mission Statement

We rescue children from the darkness of human trafficking and offer healing on a pathway of hope.

About This Cause

C.I.R.F. provides direct support to specialized National Police units in Latin America combating child sex trafficking. This mission is accomplished through: Undercover evidence gathering in the field, under the direction of local prosecutors and law enforcement. Financial assistance to counter trafficking units for investigative tools such as GPS vehicle trackers, covert cameras, travel, and the payment of informants. Immediate aftercare needs for rescued survivors such as clothing, shelter, medications, food, and therapy. Training counter human trafficking units in case work management, surveillance, and evidence collection. C.I.R.F. was founded by four experienced counter-human trafficking operators who have worked extensively in Latin America with specialized National Police Units. Nearly 40 volunteers across the United States work together to implement the mission. Check out our news page to see the difference we are making in the lives of children. We are very proud to announce that C.I.R.F. has earned Candid’s highest seal of recognition – the Platinum Seal of Transparency. Candid is the largest source of nonprofit information that collects and provides information about every IRS-registered nonprofit organization. To receive the 2022 Platinum Seal, C.I.R.F. shared extensive information including qualitative facts about our goals, strategies, and capabilities, as well as quantitative evidence of our results and progress toward making an impact on the lives of suffering children in Latin America. We are righteously motivated to rescue children out of love and service. Our close partnerships with police and prosecutors enable us to respond quickly to rapidly deteriorating intelligence. Our operators are in the field, from bustling cities to remote corners of jungle, ensuring your money is used directly at the source of the problem. Our efforts have spurred real change in communities suffering under the threat of transnational criminal organizations preying on children. We are committed to treating funds as sacred resources to bless the lives of children worldwide. Join our team and make a difference in the life of a child.