The Berkeley Alembic Foundation

Berkeley, California, 94710 United States

Mission Statement

The Berkeley Alembic Foundation aims to facilitate, teach, and cultivate awakening and liberation for everyone and function as a force for peace, kindness, and good in the world. We envision a world where every human being has a community for practice, education, and connection.

About This Cause

The Berkeley Alembic Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit supporting The Alembic space, a 5200 square foot, multi-room practice space located at 2820 7th St in Berkeley CA. Inspired by its namesake, a sacred alchemical vessel for transformation, The Alembic hosts classes, workshops, and events designed to foster joy, creativity, ease, and well being for all humans.

The Berkeley Alembic Foundation
2820 Seventh St
Berkeley, California 94710
United States
Phone 5106312975
Unique Identifier 873386461