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Mission Statement

We actively provide for the health and welfare of the National Mine Reduction Group and other Afghan allies and assist wherever necessary to see them through the Special Immigrant Visa (SIV) application process. The NMRG volunteered to do the most dangerous job in Afghanistan to further the interests of a nation they've never known. And they did so purely on faith: Faith that we would be there for them when the times got hard. We aim to ensure that their faith in us- Americans- was not misplaced.

About This Cause

We are a group of Special Forces and EOD veterans and civilians providing directed aid towards a very specific group of people that we served with in Afghanistan. Team 11 , a group of counter-IED specialists belonging to the National Mine Reduction Group (NMRG) were not fortunate enough to have escaped Afghanistan during the humanitarian airlifts in August 2021, and because of their affiliation with US Special Forces, they are actively hunted. The danger is further heightened by the fact that they are Hazara; an ethnic minority that has endured extensive persecution at the hands of the Taliban. What separates this non-profit from others is the specific scope of this effort; we know the names and faces of who is to receive the aid, and any donations are not just disappearing into the ether- if you view our website athttps://www.saveteam11.org/you will see we provide feedback to our donors and broadcast our successes. Our fundraising goals have two purposes: First, ensure the survival of the NMRG under the Taliban occupation; consistent persecution and famine-conditions are a fact of everyday life. Second, we are providing funds for the procurement of Tazkiras (The Afghan National ID card) and passports for eventual immigration We easily exceeded our initial fundraising goals of $25,000 and this is likely to continue to continue. This is because the scope of our program has expanded, and we have now taken on NMRG from multiple teams and one day hope to provide for all former members of the program

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