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Mission Statement

The LONG COVID ASSOCIATION (EIN:87-4719799) is a public USA based 501(c)3 charitable scientific research organization whose mission is to help Long COVID survivors improve their symptom management and quality of life. We work with all communities: academia, scientific, professional and medical around the world to provide scientific research, education, health equity and advocacy to improve the symptom management and quality of life of all those suffering from Long COVID. Together, we solve Long COVID.

About This Cause

About This Cause Long COVID can have profound impacts. Some individuals have reported a need to adjust their work hours or stop working altogether due to chronic fatigue or cognitive impairment. One study of nearly 4,000 long COVID patients found that 45 percent reduced their work hours. For some, the change in job status can affect health insurance, further complicating treatment options. Individuals have also said their symptoms interfere with childcare, exercise and social activities. This disruption of their daily lives can cause mental health issues. Another study used the electronic health records of more than 200,000 COVID-19 survivors and found that within 6 months following initial infection, one-third experienced neurological or psychological symptoms such as anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder and psychosis. Since the beginning of the pandemic over 1 Million souls in the United States have been lost to COVID-19. The CDC.gov (8/16/22) reports that at least 1 out of 5 or 20% of all patients who become infected with COVID-19 develop Post COVID-19 Condition (PASC) otherwise known as Long COVID. With over 91 Million total cases of COVID-19 in the USA, estimates are that over 17 million people in the United States have become newly disabled by this virus. Most of these folk are young adults between the ages of 18-54 years old. This condition does not discriminate; it strikes the young and the elderly and does not favor any race, ethnicity or gender. It does however disproportionately discriminate and affect those who have limited access to health care and resources. The LONG COVID ASSOCIATION was formed to help address several key issues: 1) What can we do right now to help folks with Long COVID reduce their suffering while we work on a cure? 2) How can we get to a faster understanding of the pathology of this condition? 3) What do we have available today that helps patients mitigate their symptoms? 4) How can we reduce the alarming number of suicides among Long COVID patients? 5) How can we get everyone educated on the latest breakthroughs in molecular pathology and clinical observations to facilitate understanding, treatments for recovery and a cure among research scientists, medical providers, academia, and the community to expedite understanding and develop a cure? Time is a non-renewable resource that for many who suffer from Long COVID are losing with every day that passes: time spent doing the things they love, spending quality time with loved ones, attending school or work, engaging in all that life has to offer. Because of the unique pathology of this condition, there are over 200 symptoms that have been identified related to Long COVID condition and each of these and any combination of these symptoms exhaust, drain and take a toll on patients physical and mental well being and their loved ones who watch them suffer. 6) How can we reduce the amount of time from months and years to weeks and days for diagnostics, evaluation and supportive treatments? 7) How can we improve patient doctor appointments to accommodate disability and achieve better communication? 8) How can we remove barriers to medical care and provide access to immune supportive measures that are otherwise out of financial reach to disabled Long COVID patients? 9) How can we fast track and prioritize the creation of a multi discipline laboratory dedicated to research of the immunological, molecular biological and genetic pathology and understanding of Long COVID to support the recovery of Long COVID survivors and benefit the public? LONG COVID ASSOCIATION advocates and implements programs to address all these critical issues and needs support to fulfill its mission. LONG COVID ASSOCIATION scientifically evaluates and researches available vitamins, nutritional dietary supplements and nutraceuticals along with specific diet and lifestyle that are immune and system supportive to help Long COVID patients with symptom management and improve their quality of life and overall well-being. We conduct research studies, source affordable supplemental nutritional products, help educate, support and advocate for available nutritional support solutions now that can help benefit Long COVID patients today to improve their quality of life and well-being. We connect scientists, researchers, medical community, patients, care-givers with scientific information, resources and medical providers for the benefit and the health of Long COVID patients and the community. We help institutions and community health care workers learn more about the latest scientific and clinical breakthroughs in the understanding of COVID-19 and Long COVID. We have a 24/7 information support phone line to help disabled Long COVID and offer educational seminars for health care workers and community to facilitate understanding and awareness, answer questions about Long COVID and where to access resources for those without internet access or ability to navigate the Internet. We help patients who are disabled by Long COVID and don't have anyone else to help them and need extra help to access information and learn about available federal and state government human services support programs. We are building a network of programs, systems and Long COVID Recovery Clinics to help equalize the access to health care and recovery programs so that anyone who suffers from Long COVID recovers.

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