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Mission Statement

Atlantic Street Center is a non-profit, social service agency. Our mission is to help families and communities raise healthy, successful children and youth. We achieve our mission by providing Educational, Family Support and Mental Health Counseling services for children, youth, and families. We primarily serve low-income families residing in central, southeast Seattle and south King County who are low income, African American and/or other people of color.

About This Cause

About Atlantic Street Center:
Atlantic Street Center was founded in 1910. Each year, we provide services to over 3,500 children, youth and family members residing primarily in central and southeast Seattle and south King County.

At Atlantic Street Center we believe that every child is valuable and has unlimited potential if given the appropriate support and tools to succeed. To this end, we envision our community to be a place where children:
 Have a positive attitude and outlook on life
 Possess strong social, decision making and leadership skills
 Have the determination and support to refrain from engaging in unhealthy behaviors
 Know and experience stability through meaningful and diverse outlets
 Are connected positively within their community
 No longer experience the social isolation and alienation that plague so many of our children today

Atlantic Street Center serves low-income children, youth, and adults living in Seattle and King County. Each situation is unique, but the following are some of the challenges the people we serve may be facing:
 Single parent household or children in foster care
 Household income at or below the federal poverty level
 Limited support system
 Children underachieving academically
 Neighborhood detachment and isolation
 Multicultural identity issues

Program Overview:
Atlantic Street Center serves children, families and adults through our four primary programs: Early Learning, Youth Development, Family Support, and Mental Health Counseling Services. Our overarching goal is to help families and communities raise healthy, successful children and youth.

Early Learning:
Our Early Learning Program promotes early literacy, language development, and school readiness for Pre-Kindergarten children and their parents. Services and activities focus on:
 Promoting learning and language development through the use of books
and toys
 Helping parents learn how to read and play with their young children
 Teaching parents how to integrate learning into each day
 Preparing children to succeed in kindergarten and beyond

Youth Development:
Our Youth Development Program provides learning and leadership opportunities for youth to increase the personal, academic, and social skills they need to be successful in life. Services and activities focus on:
 Social skills and leadership development
 Volunteer and community service opportunities
 Enriching recreational and cultural activities
Academic support (tutoring and Summer Academy Program)

Family Resource Center:
Our Family Resource Center provides a safe, supportive place for parents, youth, and adults to learn, grow and share. Services and activities focus on:
 Support and education for adult and teen parents
 Adult life skills and education classes
 Direct family support services
Positive cultural and recreational activities for children, youth and families

Mental Health Counseling:
Our Mental Health Counseling Program helps children, youth, families, and adults increase coping skills and stability. Services and activities focus on:
 Positive behavioral changes
 Overcoming emotional challenges
 Increasing home and family stability
 Psychiatric support
 Trauma recovery

Our programs and services help create real change in people’s lives. A recent evaluation shows that:
 Of the educationally at-risk students who took part in our services, 80% made academic progress, 91% showed improved school attendance, and 89% increased their social skills.
 100% of the young children participating in our early learning program graduated from the program and transitioned into a formal pre-school or center based child care.
 75% of individuals participating in mental health counseling strengthened their coping abilities.
90% of the parents participating in our family support services improved their parenting skills, 94% increased their knowledge of age-appropriate youth development, needs and behaviors, and 90% participated in their children’s learning

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