SEATTLE, Washington, 98122-5569 United States

Mission Statement

We provide high quality services and support for African American and people of color communities throughout Seattle and the Puget Sound Region. We want everyone to have the best opportunities to achieve their greatest potential as it relates to education, employment, health and housing.

About This Cause

For more than 85 years the Urban League of Metropolitan Seattle has championed equality and justice on behalf of the African American community and other historically underrepresented communities. The Urban League has been unmatched in its delivery of education, employment, health and housing programs to our community.

At the Urban League, we are dedicated to improving the educational opportunities of our youth from “Cradle to Career” by: (1) being their voice; (2) collaborating with educational and corporate partners; and (3) offering direct programs and services designed to create education opportunities for our youth and adults.
◾The Urban League is seeking partners for an Urban League Technology Center to create new and exciting opportunities for youth and young adults to learn about computer science and have access to STEM education programs and technology.
◾The Urban League is teaming with The Breakfast Group to expand the Project Mister program, which will provide additional mentors for African America youth. We are now operating in 5 high schools in the Seattle area: Garfield, Cleveland, Rainer Beach, Southlake, and Franklin.
◾The Urban League is reinvigorating its Summer University and Project Ready programs, to prepare our youth for success in college and beyond.
◾The Urban League continues to provide college scholarships to African American students in our community.
◾The Urban League's employment program, Career Bridge, supports men and women with multiple barriers to employment gain the tools necessary to provide for themselves and their families through gainful employment that lead to meaningful careers or entrepreneurship.
◾Housing is a key element of our community resources. Through our work, we are able to help families keep or purchase a home. In addition, we provide courses in credit management, rental rights and responsibilities, as well as expungement.

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