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Mission Statement

Compass Housing Alliance envisions a world in which every person lives in a safe, caring community.

About This Cause

Compass Housing Alliance (CHA) develops and provides essential services and affordable housing for homeless and low-income people in the greater Puget Sound region. A leading provider of services for homeless and low-income people, Compass works to meet the needs of our most vulnerable community members through 48 programs at 28 locations throughout the Puget Sound Region.

Compass offers a spectrum of programs from emergency services through permanent affordable housing. The knowledge gained by helping to guide people through each step of a transition to stability greatly informs our ability to successfully meet the needs of our community.

Compass' continuum of housing services includes: overnight shelters, transitional housing, permanent affordable housing for homeless and low income families and individuals. Our three overnight shelters are located through the Seattle area. In addition to our shelters, we offer day centers to meet the immediate needs of our clients 365 days a year. Day center services include showers, laundry, connection to case management, and more. Our transitional housing units are comprised of multi-unit buildings, scattered site apartments and shared homes. We also have 11 permanent affordable housing communities throughout the region.

Compass understand supportive and non-judgmental relationships are critical to a successful transition to safety and stability. In complement to our shelter and housing programs, we offer comprehensive services to help clients address any barrier to stability. We provide a mailing address and mail services, banking services, one-on-one case management, addiction counseling, mental health counseling, and life skills classes.

Compass serves over 10,000 individuals in need. We have individualized programs to serve women, families, individuals, and veterans. The average age of a participant in our programs is 50 years and 54% of individuals served identified as people of color. We partner with over 1,700 volunteers annually to provide meals and basic needs items in support to our clients.

The Seattle/King County Coalition on Homelessness is now an independent non-profit registered in Washington State! The Coalition’s new EIN is 82-1831734. To direct a donation or a matching gift to the Coalition, or if you have any questions, please contact: Alison Eisinger, Executive Director (206) 204.8355 or visit .

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