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Mission Statement

THE CENTER FOR WOODEN BOATS is a hands-on maritime museum where every visitor has opportunities to engage in heritage experiences. CWB is a laboratory of learning using hands and minds. Come as you are and you will leave with calluses on your hands, shavings in your hair, maritime skills in your brain and pride of what you have achieved. So, pick up an oar and go for a row. Enroll in a workshop and open your mind to the skills and experiences enjoyed by mariners throughout the centuries. Pick up a tool and caulk a seam or fasten a plank. You’re bound to find something that catches your attention when you’re on our docks or in our boats. We hope you’ll join us in reconnecting with the physical world and preserving traditions and skills that have survived through the ages. The Center for Wooden Boats is a place where history becomes something you can touch, build, and sail. Come learn with us, play with us, sit with us, sail with us. Experience the history that’s written in boats.

About This Cause

To provide a gathering place where maritime history comes alive through direct experience and our small craft heritage is enjoyed, preserved, and passed along to future generations.

CWB has defined six reasons for being. By associating its vision with the impact of each, we more completely communicate the future we seek.


CWB envisions a future where lives are enriched with the knowledge of where we fit into the continuum of history and human experience. We nourish this awareness by collecting, preserving and telling the story of Northwest wooden small craft and maritime culture.


CWB envisions a future where every child has the confidence to pursue their full potential. We inspire young people by providing challenging physical and mental experiences in wooden small craft.


CWB envisions a future where people of all ages use their hands and minds to connect to their culture and their physical world. We promote participation by making maritime craft and skills education available as a lifelong experience.


CWB envisions a future where people form connections that strengthen society. We encourage contact by providing an oasis and gathering place at the water’s edge.


CWB envisions a future without barriers to enjoying our waterways. We make it easy by making boats on the water accessible to all.


CWB envisions a future where communities around the world are inspired by CWB as a model for community-based, hands-on maritime experience. We foster this through community leadership and inclusiveness. At CWB, our values guide the spirit and manner in which we pursue our mission. By testing our actions against our values, we can assure those actions are in keeping with the strong character of CWB.

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