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Mission Statement

Philanthropy Northwest promotes, facilitates, and drives collaborative action by philanthropic organizations to strengthen communities in our region. We provide educational and networking opportunities, customized philanthropic consulting services and impact investing resources for foundations and corporations. Philanthropy Northwest promotes dialogue and convenes conversations that facilitate connections and cross-sector relationships among peoples, groups, and institutions working to build and sustain a more vibrant, equitable and inclusive tomorrow.

About This Cause

Philanthropy Northwest is the network for philanthropists of all types who are committed to Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Washington and Wyoming. We promote, facilitate and drive collaborative action by community investors to build resilient, equitable and inclusive communities.
We are a powerful point of connection between local, regional and national conversations. We are an incubator for innovative collaborations between and among philanthropists, nonprofits, business, government, citizens and communities. We are where different forms of capital come together to create social impact.

Our mission-driven consulting team, The Giving Practice, serves philanthropists regionally and nationally with innovative, highly customized projects. Through workshops, events, publications and networking opportunities, Philanthropy Northwest helps our member organization staff and trustees stay connected to the issues that affect their constituents.

The Philanthropy Northwest board and staff worked from the outside in to develop a strategy framework that guides how we work, and why. We started by envisioning what we collectively want to achieve in our communities. Then we focused on the values and attributes of the philanthropic sector to best support our shared vision. Finally, we considered our internal values and aspirations.

Our resulting framework represents Philanthropy Northwest’s ongoing journey toward convening conversations that promote relationships and cross-sector connections that lead to action; advancing place-based philanthropy; and forging partnerships for vibrant, equitable and inclusive communities. Serving our members is a key component of our organization, but we have also evolved to strengthening the field through consulting, convening and incubating new ideas and projects.

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