SEATTLE, Washington, 98102-5013 United States

Mission Statement

The Rubicon Foundation of Seattle, Washington, is a 501(c)(3) that seeks to provide unique educational experiences for King and Snohomish Counties. Our mission is to bring together diverse groups of individuals at our rural farm venue Smoke Farm to explore art, science and philosophy through creative projects and to discover the potential of community work.

About This Cause

The Rubicon Foundation is dedicated to:

•Restoring and protecting habitat and natural diversity and providing environmental education, observation, and appreciation activities at Smoke Farm.
•The advancement of arts and culture in Washington State.
•Developing high quality educational programs that stimulate and inspire creativity, self-respect, and the incubation and fostering of ideas.
•Creating an environment that allows for broad-based community involvement and participation that embodies and promotes cultural, racial and global diversity.

513 Federal Ave E
SEATTLE, Washington 98102-5013
United States
Phone 206-214-7991
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