A Child Becomes Preschool

Seattle, Washington, 98116 United States

Mission Statement

A Child Becomes Preschool strives to nurture each child’s individuality, innate curiosities and instill a desire for lifelong learning as we prepare preschoolers for kindergarten and the world beyond. Founded in 1989, A Child Becomes Preschool is a part time preschool with three classrooms, for students ranging in age from 2 1/2 – 5 years old. Our school resides in the Admiral district of West Seattle.

About This Cause

Each student comes into A Child Becomes Preschool with different perspectives, interests, backgrounds, family and home lives, and life experiences. We work to understand this personal history so that we can craft an educational experience that is tailored, engaging and joyful. Our educators work to foster curiosity, experiment to solve problems, ask questions and create experiences, wonder and spontaneous moments that are relevant to each student. And, we make the learning fun!

Each classroom emphasizes building emotional intelligence. Research shows that when children can successfully recognize and manage their emotions, they will become better problem solvers, they are better able to build strong relationships and are better prepared for learning. Emotional skills such as empathy, self-awareness and self-regulation are foundational for qualities like perseverance and resilience; characteristics that are essential in keeping students engaged in learning. Displaying these skills early in life can be a strong predictor of future academic success and overall well-being. Developing these skills is the crux of our curriculum in all three classrooms.

A Child Becomes Preschool
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