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" The mission of Island Conservation is to prevent extinctions by removing invasive species from islands. "

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The mission of Island Conservation (IC) is to prevent extinctions by removing invasive species from islands. As both biodiversity and species extinction rates are greatest on islands, removing a primary threat – introduced invasive vertebrates – is one of the most critical interventions for saving threatened plants and animals and restoring island ecosystems.

IC began working as a network of conservationists in 1994 and became a charitable organization in 1997. Working together with local communities, government management agencies, and conservation organizations, we select islands that have the greatest potential for preventing the extinction of globally threatened species; develop comprehensive and humane plans for the removal of invasive species; implement the removal of invasive species; and conduct research – conservation measures – to understand ecosystem changes and benefits to inform future conservation action. Over the past 20 years, IC and partners have deployed teams to protect 994 populations of 389 species on 52 islands.

IC has a broad geographic scope with regional programs on islands in North America, South America, the Caribbean, and the Southwest Pacific. IC targets IUCN Red-Listed Critically Endangered, Endangered, and Vulnerable plants and animals as beneficiaries for our work.

Of the 245 recorded animal extinctions since 1500, 80% were on islands. When causes could be determined, non-native, invasive species were responsible for 54% of these island extinctions.

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2100 Delaware Ave Ste 1
SANTA CRUZ, California 95060-6362
United States

Twitter @noextinctions
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