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Mission Statement

The role of the Medical Services Communications Team is to provide vital emergency communications between medical facilities and suppliers in the community, local governments, and other emergency management agencies during disaster situations, when normal communications are inoperable or disrupted, utilizing Amateur Radio voice or digital networks, and other appropriate communications media. The use of this auxiliary communications network and team is intended strictly for emergency purposes, to support the medical needs of the community-at-large. This network and team will be exercised on a regular basis to conduct training of appropriately licensed Amateur Radio operators, and to educate the medical community and other user groups and agencies on utilization of Amateur Radio during emergency situations.

About This Cause

We are a dedicated team of amateur radio operators who volunteer to support the emergency communications needs of hospitals and other healthcare agencies and resources throughout Western Washington. Hospitals must be able to communicate with each other, suppliers, and emergency management on a 7x24x365 basis. When normal means of communications fail, due to disasters, or technological problems, the Medical Services Communications Team can provide emergency backup communications.
The team was founded in 1990, soon after the Loma Prieta, CA. earthquake. We provide team members with training on topics related to healthcare operations, emergency management, and technical radio subjects. We have a multi-county repeater system that allows us to communicate across counties.

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