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Mission Statement

SVP is a philanthropic organization, but we do more than give away money. We connect people who want to give back and the nonprofits that make change possible – cultivating effective philanthropists and strong organizations that deliver greater impact, together. Side by side, we will reach a day when all kids receive an excellent education and all people live and work in a healthy environmen

About This Cause

We amplify the impact of those out to do good in three distinct ways:
- Connect and engage individuals, helping them make the greatest impact with their time and philanthropic giving.
- Fund and strengthen nonprofits, helping them take their vital work for kids and the environment to the next level.
- Invest in collaborative solutions, so those with a common cause can align their efforts and go farther, together.
In short, our mission is to cultivate effective philanthropists and strengthen organizations driving community change – building powerful relationships that advance shared community goals.

Why We Do This Work

We envision a community in which, regardless of income or race, all children receive an excellent education and all people live and work in a healthy environment.

To that end, SVP is aligning with nonprofits, funders, agencies and schools — bringing our unique strengths to collectively achieve three community-wide goals:

- All children enter kindergarten ready to learn
- All students graduate from high school on time, ready to be successful at
college or in a career
- Puget Sound is a place where sustainable communities thrive, balancing growth with quality of life in our built and natural environments

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