Seattle Parks Foundation

Seattle, Washington, 98124 United States

Mission Statement

Seattle Parks Foundation brings community leaders, donors, and public partners together to create a thriving, accessible, and connected system of public space for the health and happiness of all people.

About This Cause

How we work: We support community-led public space initiatives. We are a philanthropy-based organization, encouraging private sector donors at every level and from every zip code to help create and care for public spaces throughout Seattle. We cultivate a network of private, nonprofit, and public sector partners to advocate for public policy and investment that improves the health and well-being of all residents. How we succeed: Our success depends upon our commitment to service, our capacity for collaboration, the trust we earn in neighborhoods where we work, and the gratitude we show to community leaders, donors, and volunteers. Values : o Partnership and Collaboration. We listen to learn, work in partnership, and lift up others. o Racial Equity/DEI. We are committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion. This means confronting our assumptions about structures of oppression and, in response, continually remaking our internal culture. o Accountability. When we commit, we deliver. When we make a mistake, we accept responsibility. o Flexibility. We embrace change and the challenges that come with it. o Gratitude. We nurture a culture of gratitude and continually celebrate and thank volunteers, staff, partners, and donors.

Seattle Parks Foundation
Po Box 3541
Seattle, Washington 98124
United States
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