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Mission Statement

We unite to create a safe place to achieve a crucial mission: to restore the hope and dignity of adults who have been sexually abused in childhood through specialized and affordable therapy, community education, and public advocacy.

About This Cause

Specialists in therapy for adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse: Since 1987, Shepherd's Counseling Services has been designing trauma-focused therapeutic treatments specialized to meet the needs of adults who were sexually abused as children.

Services include individual and group therapy for adult survivors of all genders and sexual orientations, and a partner support group for those in relationship with a survivor.

Shepherd's is dedicated to affordability. In addition to accepting many insurance plans, services are offered on a sliding fee scale and scholarships are available based on need and availability.

As an organization with this unique specialty, Shepherd's Counseling Services holds a value on sharing insights on serving this population. Sponsored professional development workshops are offered annually and consultations to health care professionals from a variety of fields are offered. Health professionals receiving workshops and consultations serve providers including the following fields of practice: a variety of medical specialties, dental professionals, naturopathic doctors, and mental health providers.

Shepherd's Counseling continues to advocate to change the culture and increase awareness and safety for all through a monthly Blog, Facebook, eNews, and community events.

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