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Mission Statement

Forward Together works nationally with grassroots leaders to build relationships across lines of race, gender, and sexuality to transform culture and policy and catalyze social change. We envision a world where all people will have the rights and resources to not just survive but thrive. We are building a vibrant community of social change-makers working together to make that vision a reality for every person, family and community.

About This Cause

Our families need you right now more than ever. Forward Together will keep fighting for a bold vision of a world where all families can thrive. But we can’t do it without you. You can replace shame and stigma with healing and beauty. You can lift up families who are the most under attack. And you can center women of color and gender non-conforming folks of color as leaders of this change – as we have always been at the forefront of bending the arc of history towards justice.

You can turn your vision of a better world into a reality by making a gift to Forward Together today. Your donation will:

 Change hearts and minds through stories and artwork to challenge the increase in racism, sexism and transphobia in our society. You will ensure that black women and gender non-conforming folks of color can publish articles and produce art that push back against the harmful stereotypes that seek to destroy our communities.

 Build power among women of color in rural communities. You will strengthen our grassroots organizing efforts in communities that have long been left behind to make sure that women of color and their families can make their voices heard in the decision-making processes that impact their lives.

 Transform our society to one that invests in – not punishes – our most vulnerable families. You will fuel proactive efforts to reduce police violence and over-criminalization that targets poor people and people of color, and curb the tide of mass incarceration. You will invest in services that will make our communities truly safe.

Let’s get to work on these solutions right away.

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