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Mission Statement

WoMakersCode is a non-profit organization dedicated to empowering women in technology. Our mission is to provide tech skilling and soft skills development to connect women with job opportunities in the IT industry. We focus on supporting women facing social vulnerability and unemployment, assisting them in transitioning to careers in tech or advancing in their current roles.

About This Cause

WoMakersCode is a non-profit organization dedicated to inspiring and empowering women (cisgender and transgender) in technology, equipping them with the skills needed to accelerate their journey towards employability. Since 2015, our community has provided a wide range of cost-free events, workshops, mentoring, and bootcamps covering topics such as coding, data science, security, and user experience. Our efforts to empower women in technology are rooted in professional and economic development. We firmly believe that achieving financial independence enables women to realize their dreams and transform their lives. As official partners of the UN Global Compact in Brazil, we are deeply committed to advancing gender equality and diversity. Our dedication has been recognized through accolades such as the Municipal Seal of Human Rights and Diversity, São Paulo's Racial Equality Seal, and the prestigious Nelson Mandela Award. With a direct impact on over 250,000 women across Brazil, we are continuously expanding our educational initiatives to reach even more individuals and drive meaningful change. Our main goals of skilling: * Software Engineer * Data Scientist * Cloud Solutions Architect * Cybersecurity Analyst * User Experience Designer * DevOps Engineer * Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning Engineer These strategic technology careers are central to our mission, and we provide targeted resources and support to help women thrive in these fields.

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São Paulo, São Paulo 04.565-909
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