Fundación Montecito

Sogamoso, Boyacá, 152210 Colombia

Mission Statement

[EN] We are a social-environmental NGO, working in favour of Andean mounts and wetlands with an integrated approach, and with emphasis on water governance at Lake Tota (largest lake of Colombia, it's a high-Andean ecosystem located above 3.000 m high). [ES] Somos una ONG socio-ambiental, que trabaja en pro del monte y humedales Andinos con un enfoque integrado, y con énfasis en gobernanza del agua en el Lago de Tota (mayor lago de Colombia, es un ecosistema alto-Andino localizado sobre los 3.000 m de altitud).

About This Cause

Our nonprofit NGO was founded in 2010 and represents our family commitment to give and help to our environment, aiming to get improvements and welbeing in our society. We believe that a positive social-environmental change is possible, and thus this is our main purpose of work.

So far we remain as a very small organization, although we have been able to be on the leading front-line of our regional environmental movement in connection with an important number and variety of alliases both at national and international level (e.g. regional groups, international colleagues and networks such as the World Wetland Network and the Living Lakes Network).

Our mission is to develop actions and reflections in favour of Andean mounts and wetlands, under a sustainable approach. We have focused our activities mainly at Lake Tota (largest lake in Colombia, located in a unique type of high-Andean ecosystem known as páramo), and mostly on civil-society governance. Our approach is multi-disciplinary, with some emphasis on water integrated management, sustainable tourism, and environmental education.

We have visibilized our work and are recognized mainly as follows:
- by our role as a leading NGO with high commitment on Lake Tota's civil society cause called Causa Tota (aiming to improve governance, integrated management, and protection);
- by our development of an online wetland centre service for Lake Tota called ABC Tota;
- also by our efforts to improve sustainable tourism in our province through a travel guide called VisitSugamuxi and its newsletter service for the tourism sector;
- by our contribution to achieve a recognition to civil society efforts and progress towards sustainability on Lake Tota for sustainable tourism (with being part of the international award called Top100 Green/Sustainable Destinations);
- and by bringing cultural interchange and knowledge into our region with international volunteers who have helped out to our work in various disciplines (including education for primary schools in rural areas).

Our financing sources have been limited mainly from our own family, with a small portion by donations or cooperation with partners, however we of course are eager to do more and increase our influence and benefits to our society and the environment. Thus we look forward to enhance our fundraise to back-up certain projects in which we are confident we can make a positive change by generating succesful pilots that later may find a way to become self-sustainable.

Depending on our resources, we carry on activities both by certain projects, but also by regular small actions. Some of our projects are listed here:

Since our website and linked-sites are in Spanish (our native language), public information in English to review about us and our work will be limited, but please do not hesitate to contact us and share your enquiries or comments. We will happily attend your messages.

With kind regards from the highlands of Sugamuxi and Boyacá, Colombia.

Fundación Montecito

Fundación Montecito
Calle 12 10-48 Int 108-A Ed. Continental Plaza
Sogamoso, Boyacá 152210
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