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[Update, 10.6.2019]:
We have in place already 11 beehives, now our new phase and aim is to enhance that development by increasing the number of hives, upgrading our ecological restoration process (with a plant nursery and more tree / garden planting), and spread more awareness locally.

Harvesting our own bee products is also an important need soon, for which we require some equipment, training and documentation process, by doing that and having products at sight we believe the whole purpose will get stronger.

To check about our process with this initiative, please navigate our project's facebook page:, or contact us at (project's email):

Please consider supporting us, thank you!

[Original project's profile]:
First phase of Tochua Tota's project purpose is to farm bees with 10 beehives in Lake Tota, in an area located by lake's shore on the hills of Guáquira's neighbourhood, in a property that is managed by our NGO. We aim not only to succeed in production and inspire our community to have their own bee farms, but to connect beekeeping with environmental restoration and wise use of wetlands. We will do so through education, workshops and meetings for community awareness on the importance of healthy ecosystems and good practices.

A second phase of a similar size to first one aims an expansion to continue with the purpose in another area of Lake Tota's watershed (also in the Guáquira's neighbourhood but to benefit a different community), to reach a wider community and improve results (increase reforestation with native plants, beekeeping increase, healthier environment, better agricultural practices, and better environmental culture to enhance governance) in that unique high-Andean wetland territory.

Bees have a supreme importance in nature yet underestimated in our society, and Tochua Tota aims to create awareness of it on regular individuals around Lake Tota, not only to increase beekeeping but specially to relate it into the compulsory need for a better set of practices and relation with human activities (highlighting agriculture) and our environment.

The educational element of our project is crucial, therefore our approach from Tochua Tota could also be seen or understood as an outdoor and hands-on short term educational program on beekeeping and its connection with our lives and environmental culture, for rural communities at Lake Tota.

Requested funds are meant to cover all the necessary job site work and supplies on each phase, to establish the beehives and develop the environmental education strategy during the time frame, including:
 Construction of paths and land adequation of the property.
 A basic construction of cover to protect beehives from climate in this altitude.
 Acquisition and placement of the 10 beehives (per phase).
 Basic equipment to manage and maintain the production (i.e. beekeeper suits, and more)
 Reforestation inside the property with a minimum 500 native plant species appropriate for
bees around the hives (per phase).
 Professional assistance and consultancy regarding beehive management.
 Preparing a minimum 4 workshops with local communities and schools in the area (per phase).
 Harvesting and marketing our initial own bee products.
 Development of communitary educational tools (i.e. flyers, packets and web-links) regarding
bee production and its relation in ecosystems.
 Design, construction and adequation of a meeting room and related facilities to undertake all the educational purposes, not only for the two phases in our described goal but also to be prepared for a later development or expansion of our Tochua Tota's aim, on a new project that could follow.

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Thursday, Dec 31, 2020

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Xieti Farm - Abc Tota Wetland Centre, Lake Tota Ensenada Guáquira, Km. 3 Vía El Túnel - Playa Blanca [Map: Http://],
Boyacá 152447

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