Fundación Montecito

Sogamoso, Boyacá, 152210 Colombia

Mission Statement

Fundación Montecito is a Colombian NGO with a mission to improve environmental governance, sustainability, and education in the Andean mountains and wetlands. We lead projects in local communities, including water governance at Lake Tota and management of private nature reserves. Our work also includes fieldwork on biodiversity conservation and environmental education for rural children. We have made a significant impact in terms of governance, education, and nature conservation, with a vision to increase sustainable and harmonious living spaces for the human-nature relationship. We aim to improve environmental culture and incorporate ancestral values while ensuring sustainable economic development.

About This Cause

ESTABLISHMENT Fundación Montecito (Montecito Foundation) was established the 05th of June, 2010. Legally registered as nonprofit in the Chamber of Commerce of Sogamoso and DIAN (taxation authority). CHARITY TYPE We are a private and family nonprofit, founded by Felipe Velasco and Juanita Arango (couple - short bio: And we decided to start it as a result of an authentic belief and call for commitment towards our environment, based on several years of an increasing affection to nature, and particularly moved by high-Andean ecosystems such as Lake Tota or La Hondura Canyon, with which we created an inner bond of compromise for conservation and sustainability. OBJECTIVES We concentrate our activities on governance, environmental culture and tourism, in which we engage with interconnected projects. For us, these projects have importance in its own sense and as a fundamental component to enhance governance and pursue territorial sustainability, based on ethics and commitment: ethics founded on integrating knowledge, praxis and human values; and commitment in turn based on integrating communication, education, participation and awareness. TIMELINE Here we share some of the most significant moments in our history: AWARDS AND HONORS With feelings of gratitude and appreciation to those who grant them, and at the same time with the responsibility and commitment that this represents before society, we share here the awards and recognitions obtained by Foundation Montecito, since we started work in 2010, to date: NETWORKS Fundación Montecito is a proud member of the following networks: World Wetland Network, Living Lakes Network, and Wetland Link International. WEBSITE [EN] [ESP] With gratitude for your consideration to support our organization. Felipe Velasco Director, Fundación Montecito

Fundación Montecito
Calle 12 10-48 Int 108-A Ed. Continental Plaza
Sogamoso, Boyacá 152210
Phone +57 (310) 772 6819
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