ONYVA - TARA Homes for Children

New Delhi, Delhi, 110048 India

Mission Statement

TARA is a French-Indian NGO who protects and educates 260 underprivileged children in New Delhi, India since 2008. TARA runs 5 programs: - 3 homes for children, who are placed by the government because of the hazardous conditions in which they used to live (severe domestic violence, sexual abuses, orphans, attempts of murders, ...): TARA Tots, TARA Girls, TARA Boys Each TARA Homes has a maximum capacity of 20 children in order to ensure a family-like environment, individual care and high quality education in English-medium. - 1 after-care project for young adults who grew up in TARA Homes. It allows them to pursue higher education or vocational training: TARA Big Birds - 1 day-care centre, where we provide education and family strengthening to children coming from a very underprivileged background: TARA Outreach Centre These children, whose destiny was written on the pavement or under the tarps of unsafe slums in Delhi, are now able to bridge the gap and become skilled and confident students. They understand that it is through education that they will achieve their independence and be able to help in turn their families and communities. TARA aims to enable them to be the actors of their life and to build their future with dignity.

ONYVA - TARA Homes for Children
W-2 Ground Floor Greater Kailash Ii
New Delhi, Delhi 110048
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