The George Institute for Global Health

New Delhi, Delhi, 110025 India

Mission Statement

The George Institute for Global Health generates high quality evidence and improve the health of millions of Indians by reducing premature deaths and disability from non-communicable diseases like cardiovascular disease, diabetes, kidney disease, stroke, mental health, and injuries. TGI's research uses innovative approaches to create system-wide change for people at the bottom of the pyramid, develop affordable and scalable solutions, and to empower people to improve their own health.

About This Cause

The George Institute for Global Health is a medical and public health research organization working on prevention of the most likely causes of premature death or disability due to non-communicable diseases and injuries. The emphasis of our programmes is to ease the challenges in accessibility, affordability and quality of healthcare services for disadvantaged people through innovative as well as affordable health solutions and by strengthening existing health systems. We do research to generate high impact data and evidence to overcome these challenges.

The George Institute for Global Health
311-312, Third Floor, Elegance Tower, Plot No. 8, Jasola District Centre
New Delhi, Delhi 110025
Phone 011 4158 8091
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