Enviro Crime Solutions

White River, Mpumalanga, 1240 South Africa

Mission Statement

Be actively involved in the Investigations, evidence gathering and analysis of Environmental Crimes specifically related to the protection of rhino.

About This Cause

ENVIRO CRIME SOLUTIONS is primarily involved in the protection and conservation of Rhino in Africa.

Our entire existence is based on saving rhino which is on the IUCN list of threatened species (White Rhino) and the IUCN Endangered species list (Black Rhino).

Very often the media focuses on the rehabilitation of rhino orphans but does not pay much attention to the work that happens behind the scenes. ENVIRO CRIME SOLUTIONS works primarily behind the scenes on the conservation of rhino and forensic processing of poaching crimes scenes.

Our work focuses on a long term goal of fighting poaching thru and comprehensive holistic approach. To this end we focus on the three specific areas in our conservation efforts.

• Rhino poaching forensics
• Youth Conservation Education
• Community “Upliftment” Projects

Our primary function is the processing of poaching scenes. In essence our work entails going out to poaching scenes and dissecting carcasses and scenes to search for whichever forensic evidence can be gathered. We then assist in the building of evidence dockets for the prosecution of criminals.

At ECS we realize that the battle that we are in for the protection of rhino is a long term one. It is critical that a next generation of conservationists can continue the battle one day when we are not there anymore.

Not only do we need to develop youth to take over one day but the world as a whole needs conservationists and we proudly have innovative youth conservation programs that works with students over several years from school level right thru to postgraduate studies.

A big part of the poaching problem in South Africa is due to socio economic inequalities and problems. ECS does extensive work in our local communities to make sure that communities realize the value of conservation and the value of the animals.

The projects are literally meant to uplift the communities to realize potential and having long term impacts.

Recently we had to divert a lot of our community projects to COVID 19 relief projects to assist communities to survive and focused on community and school vegetable gardens.

ENVIRO CRIME SOLUTIONS is a “boots on the ground” organization that works tirelessly day and night to fight poaching. Our work involves rhino in about 95% of our cases but we also get to do with pangolin, lion and elephant poaching.

Our work is very often dangerous and apart from working in areas where there are dangerous animals, we often get to do with dangerous criminal syndicates.

We work in areas where weather conditions are extreme and very often suffer from dehydration, exhaustion and sunstroke. Our work takes a dedication that is unparalleled and yet we are happy to continue as these animals are our lives.

We have made tremendous sacrifices to do what we do. Not just us but our families who often do not know where we are and worry about the dangers that we face.

We are extremely proud of what we do. Our work is often out of the eye of media coverage but we do an extremely important and dedicated work in the overall picture of the fight against rhino poaching.

We make a real difference. This is our life and we will not stop doing this until poaching is completely eradicated.

We invite you to join this fight with us. BE THE DIFFERENCE!

Enviro Crime Solutions
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