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" Mission Statement: The QUAD Foundation is committed to assisting and supporting survivors of spinal cord injury resulting in quadriplegic paralysis. The foundation actively works to improve their quality of life through resource assistance, education, rehabilitation and research. We also strive to provide a support center for survivors and their families. "

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This year, 2017, we celebrate 15 years since Pete’s injury and we are very excited about taking our Mission across this great country in support of Kay Ledson and the Warrior Momz Walk. Money raised will flow back into the communities and therapy centers that help us with fundraising events along the route as “recovery scholarships” for SCI clients. We want to make sure that they are able to benefit from incremental cures as they become available, and our clients must maintain a certain state of physical fitness and mental clarity to do that.
By mobilizing the fundraising, we enable our paralyzed community in twenty cities across our country to engage in local therapy and recovery programs where they live, selecting those programs most beneficial to their own personal progress. The Warrior Momz Walk begins here in southern California, September 2017, and we are proud to be a part of this historic inaugural Walk.

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306 Nw El Norte Parkway #441
ESCONDIDO, California 92026
United States

TELEFON 858-774-2857

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Twitter @QUADFoundation
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