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Mission Statement

Save Ecuador's Animals/Merazonia is a dynamic wildlife rescue and rehabilitation center located on 250 acres of Amazon rainforest, near Mera, Ecuador, South America. We combine passion for nature with a professional approach on wildlife care, rehabiliation and release, along with rainforest conservation. We donot receive gvernment support and do not receive tourists. Therefore donations are vital for the animal care and release projects. Help us and adopt an animal, a project, or find out about other ways you can assist.

About This Cause

Over the past years we have implemented many successful rehabilitations. The list of reintroduced animals includes: Wooly monkeys (1 group), Red howler monkeys (2 groups), tamarin monkeys (5 groups), three and two toes sloths (around 200), kinkajous (20), three Neotropical otters, several felines (margay, ocelots and oncillas), agoutis, anteaters, armadillos, boas, coatis and other animals. We will continue to responsibly releasing animals. We never know what tomorrow brings and sometimes we focus our time and energy on a new arrival, especially if it has a good prospect of being released and time is of the essence. Our longer term goals include a release program for woolly monkeys and red howler monkeys. Rehabilitation of social and intelligent animals such as primates, take a lot of investigation, observation and money. Interested in funding release projects? E-mail us or donate directly. Merazonia has received support from: Wild Futures, protecting primates and habitats worldwide Worldwide Veterinary Service International Veterinary Care Phoenix Zoo, Arizona centre for nature conservation Sacramentto zoo All founding members of Merazonia worked in several wildlife centres throughout the continent, before joining forces and embarking on a new adventure: creating their own wildlife rescue centre, with a focus on rehabilitation. Since then, hundreds of animals, as well as volunteers, have crossed the rntrance bridge over the crystal clear water of the Rio Tigre. WWF names the eare "A gift to the earth" for its unique biodiversity. We continue to build towards more and better release programs eveyr year, but they are time consumin and cost a lot of money. Our success depends on the support of donors.

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