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" International charity that helps efficiently, responsibly and humanely the strays and abused animals in the country of Romania. "

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I am the founder of ROLDA, a charity that provides vital help for homeless animals in Romania and currently house approx. 700 dogs in two private shelters plus help the poor communities' pets with emergency medical and food aid.
In February, our biggest sponsor decided to cut the budget with - 40%.

We are in dire need of reliable new partners to:
1. find homes to some of our dogs therefore we need reliable partners across Europe.
2. donations to continue the rescue mission in Romania therefore we need to find new partners /to be allowed to apply for grant for food, shelter repairs, rescue activities.
3. donations in kind for dogs, cats, donkeys and horses
4. medical supplies (not expired) delivered to our charity address in Romania.

Of course skilled volunteers to visit our shelters and physically help us are also much appreciated.

Please read further a very short introduction about ROLDA and
Click here to check the Financial page where you can find the latest Annual Report (also attached to this email)

I will be extremely grateful to welcome you or the representatives of your charity in Romania to see first hand our work, I am also happy to respond any question you might have.

In case you'd like to consider a partnership with us, I propose to sign a collaboration contract for full transparency purpose in which we engage to provide receipts and document how your aid is managed/spent in Romania and its impact on the animals that we help. Hopefully, together.

ROLDA stands for the Romanian League in Defense of Animals. I was inspired to set it up it in 2006 after I was ‘adopted’ by a street dog living rough in my town of Galati in the south of
the country. Nursing him back to health and giving him a loving home, changed my life. I resolved to start a charity dedicated to helping the dogs scavenging on Galati’s streets and wasteland.

Since then, I have dedicated myself to doing all I can – with the help of others – to rescue and rehabilitate as many abandoned and uncared for animals as is realistically possible. Romania has more dogs living rough than any other country in southern Europe. The current estimate is a staggering 2.5 million. Any that the authorities capture are usually kept in
squalid conditions in a municipal pound, mistreated, beaten and even slaughtered.
And in Romania, only around 16% of the population gives to charities. So from the very start,
I turned to animal lovers around the world to support ROLDA’s vital work.

We bring as many street dogs as we can afford to into our two purpose-built shelters that can accommodate around 600. There – in a safe, welcoming and healthy environment – weset about rehabilitating them. Our dream is to rehouse every dog in a loving home – and wonderful people from around the world adopt around 200 of our dogs each year. But for
the rest, we provide a warm, clean home and proper food and exercise. We also ensure they all get regular veterinary care – and affection. As well as building further shelters, we could do a great deal more if we had the funds… like extending our education programme into the
local community to prevent the problem getting any worse.

ROLDA has been fundraising in the USA for a decade. We are now also registered as a charity in Australia, Germany, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, the UK and Romania and as a Public Benefit Organisation (ANBI) in the Netherlands.

Our shelters have been visited by a number of animal welfare organisations, as well as representatives of the Dutch government. They are also regularly inspected by local animal welfare officers.  And, of course, our charity is regulated and scrutinised in all the countries
where we fundraise.

With the generosity of our supporters we have given a second chance to around 20,000 dogs to date. There are so very many thousands more lives we want to transform. I hope you can find it in your heart to help. I can assure you now that any gift you send will be put to the best possible use to benefit the rescued animals. If there are any specific questions, then please get in touch and we’ll do our best to answer them fully.
I thank you again for your interest in ROLDA’s work.

With respect and hope,

Dana Costin
Founder and CEO

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Po Box 4674
Crofton, Maryland 21114
United States

Twitter @RomanianStray
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