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Mission Statement

International animal welfare organization focused on saving animals in Romania.

About This Cause

Romanian League In Defense of Animals (ROLDA USA) was registered in 2006 as a 501-c-3 charity to raise awareness and vital support in the US for homeless and abused animals in one of the poorest regions from Romania. We have administrative branches operating in Australia, Germany, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom and of course, Romania.
In Galati region, ROLDA built and run 2 private dog sanctuaries that can house 700 dogs.
ROLDA also provides a social program that assists impoverished dog owners cover the cost of food, vaccination, and identification of their pets.

Over the last months, ROLDA has struggled to cover the operational costs (expenses such as food, medicine, sterilization, medical treatment, rehabilitation, and maintenance). The cause for ROLDA's recent struggles was the abrupt termination of some sponsoring contracts following the economic COVID crisis that affected lots of companies.
700 dogs are dependent on donations and private gifts to keep them healthy and safe, until hopefully they will be adopted.

We are in dire need of reliable new corporate partners to:
1. Find homes for some of our dogs (therefore, we need reliable partners across Europe);
2. Donate to enable us to continue saving animals (therefore, we need to find new partners where we can apply for food, shelter repairs, and rescue/medical activities;
3. Make donations-in-kind (donation of products) to help dogs, cats, donkeys and horses that are suffering and "waiting" to be saved;
4. Provide or fund for unexpired medical supplies to be delivered to our dog sanctuaries in Romania.
Volunteers and visitors are always welcomed! We are also happy to answer any question you might have.
In case you would like to consider a partnership with us, I propose to sign a collaboration
contract for the purpose of full transparency in which we engage to provide receipts and
documents supporting how your aid is managed/spent by our organization, and provide full reports on the impact your collaboration.
Click here to view our financial reports.

ABOUT ROLDA - A word from Dana Costin, the founder:
"ROLDA was officially registered as a charity in 2006, soon after I rescued my first dog, Printz, from the streets of my hometown.
Printz was a victim of illegal dog fighting who had been abandoned after suffering severe
injuries. My family and I nursed Printz back to health and gave him a loving home. He lived with us for four years until he passed away.

Printz changed my life. After his passing, I resolved to start a charity dedicated to helping
abandoned and abused dogs like Printz. Ever since, I have dedicated my life—with the help of others—to rescuing, rehabilitating, and rehoming as many animals as possible."

Romania has an estimated stray dog population of 2.5 million, one of the largest in the world. Unfortunately, only 30% of our donations come from locals, so we rely heavily on international donors to fund our operation.

Our sanctuaries have been visited by various animal welfare organizations & individuals from around the World, as well as representatives of corporation partners & the Dutch and the Swiss Embassies. It is regularly inspected by local animal welfare officers. And, of course, our charity is regulated in all the countries where we fundraise. With the generosity of our supporters we have helped more than 21,000 animals to date. There are still thousands more lives we want to transform. We hope you can find it in your heart to help us. Every gift you send will be put to the best possible use to benefit the rescued animals.

Thank you for your interest in ROLDA's work!
With respect and hope,
ROLDA Rescue Team

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