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" The Seattle Design Foundation creates a platform to support local creative talent. Each year we give out theme-based grants, align mentorships and host connective events. "

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Seattle Design Foundation was established as a volunteered organization in January 2012 by Amber Murray and Erin Gainey to inspire and sponsor design innovation amongst the city’s emerging creative talent. SDF awarded its inaugural grant in 2014 under the theme Focusing on the Feminine, asking applicants to design for a particular female issue. The second annual grant, themed Deepening Human Connections, was awarded in 2015 and called for proposals speaking to the importance of personal connection amidst a world that is inundated with technology.

We will be announcing our 2016 grant theme in the coming months which is focused on food and waste innovation and management. Over the last few years, the Farm to Table philosophy of serving and eating locally grown, locally prepared food has blossomed into a national movement. It has inspired chefs, a new generation of young farmers, and even urban food forests. But what about the “dirty” side of the cycle: logistics, packaging, transport, disposal, and sustainably dealing with waste? SDF’s 2016 grant calls for modern, sustainable proposals for food, waste, or the system that ties it all together, from Farm to Table to Cradle.

Each year’s grant cycle poses a new question to our design community with a crowd-sourced theme. These grants support projects financially, connect mentors to young designers, and provide a platform to showcase the design process. We hope to not only help solve potentially global issues, but to also inspire our local community.

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525 30Th Ave
SEATTLE, Washington 98122-6234
United States

TELEFONO 2069483236

Sito Web www.seattledesignfoundation.com
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/Seattle-Design-Foundation-220170474732157/
Twitter @tweetsfromSDF
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