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" The Interactive Fiction Technology Foundation (IFTF) helps ensure the ongoing maintenance, improvement, and preservation of the tools and services crucial to the creation and distribution of interactive fiction, as well as the development of new projects to foster the continued growth of this art form. "

Opis organizacji charytatywnej

Interactive fiction was one of the first genres to emerge in computer gaming. It remains a driving force and a leading edge for the broad, ever-developing spectrum of digital games. Today, interactive fiction presents a medium uniquely suited to experimenters and artists. IF can be written without a budget, without a publisher, without a team of artists or programmers. Since the 1990s it has been supported entirely by hobbyists, open-source projects, and informal associations of enthusiasts.

It is the purpose of IFTF to offer organized support to these many passion-driven projects, helping to ensure the survival and growth of interactive fiction while maintaining the unique advantages of this medium.

Szczegóły organizacji charytatywnej

Po Box 400102
CAMBRID, Massachusetts 02140-0002
United States

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Twitter @IFTFoundation
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culture arts art humanities games literature interactive fiction
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